Jay S.O.F.T. Single Sub-Occipital Headrest

S.O.F.T. Single Sub-Occipital Head Supports provide sub-occipital and proximal lateral cervical support through use of a curved sub-occipital pad and independently adjustable occipital pad. Unique to the Jay single sub-occipital system is the independent anterior/posterior movement of the occipital pad. Add lateral facial pads, switches, or anterior supports to increase versatility.

To suit varying client needs, S.O.F.T. headrests are available with three cover options - Lycra (durable, water-resistant material with 4-way stretch), Fleece (natural lambswool that is washable and soft on skin) or Dartex Reversed (anti-allergenic, waterproof material with 2-way stretch).

Six mounting hardware options are available to accommodate a spectrum of client presentations and functional needs: Axys (durable, compact, one-size option with basic anterior-posterior adjustability at an outstanding value), Onyx (durable, compact option with basic adjustability and pediatric and adult sizes at an outstanding value), Linx (sleek, curved design with moderate anterior-posterior adjustability and excellent durability), Pro (extremely durable option with maximum anterior adjustability and pediatric and adult sizes), Cobra Xtra (sleek, curved, and modular design with superior positioning capabilities and sizes ranging from early intervention to adult) and Cobra Xtra Flip Back (sleek, curved, and modular design with superior positioning capabilities, sizes ranging from early intervention to adult, and flip back function).


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