Jane Crowle, Physiotherapist and PME Clinical Consultant

Introducing one of our newest team members - Jane Crowle, Physiotherapist Clinical Consultant.

Jane has over 20 years’ experience working as a qualified physiotherapist specialising in rehabilitation, and has a wealth of experience from working extensively in the UK and USA.

Jane said “I have always been passionate about supporting and assisting clients with a physical disability to reach their maximum potential when it comes to mobility. I also have a keen interest in the evidence behind the interventions that therapists implement – especially in relation to standing and mobility”   

To support this, Jane has worked within schools, hospitals and for multiple equipment providers, as a clinician, an equipment prescriber, and as a consultant to physiotherapy at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, NSW. The vast array of mobility products PME represent are mostly prescriptive and require specialised knowledge. Jane’s experience and knowledge is ideally suited to help guide and support clinicians, clients and their families through the process of selection.

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Jane will be representing PME at the upcoming ATSA Expo in Melbourne (16th & 17th May 2018) as a conference speaker. Jane’s presentation looks at the pre-requisites required for safe and effective gait, and how standing and supported walking complement each other for maximum functional outcomes.

“Independent mobility is a key milestone in a child’s life which lays the foundations for experience, participation, growth, and development of skills including gross motor, spatial awareness and socio-emotional awareness. There are many schools of thought on whether a child must crawl before they stand and walk. What we do know is that they need to stand before they walk” (Jane Crowle).

With the advancement of technology – such as body weight supported gait, robotic assisted treadmill training and the developing exo-skeleton – gait training is fast becoming an option for many clients who were previously excluded from such an activity.  As exciting as this advancement in technology is, there are many pre-requisites required for safe and effective gait training. Jane says “standing and supported walking training cannot be separated from each other. They are not mutually exclusive”.

Jane will be presenting her topic ‘Standing and Gait Training – Complementary Goals for Functional Outcomes’ at ATSA on Thursday 17th May at 2.45pm – 3.15pm. She will also join other PME Consultants on our stand (372) over the two day exhibition. 



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