Dreama™ 24 hour Positioning System

Improved skeletal development and recuperative periods of rest are part of any 24 hour postural management program. So, it makes sense to have a positioning system that allows a child to experience better quality rest by reducing the unwanted action of postural reflexes and asymmetrical muscle tone.

Each lying posture or attitude - whether it is in prone, supine or side position - will affect a child's level of relaxation and potential for movement. Having a supported posture throughout the day and night is integral to a child with postural needs.

The Jenx Dreama™ 24 hour Positioning System is a key part of any 24hr postural management programme. The unique design and innovative features help improve posture and promote better sleeping and that means a happier life for all the family!

Case studies from product trials indicate just how beneficial Dreama™ is when abnormal and posturally destructive tone is present. For example, ‘Ginny’ has quadriplegia due to cerebral palsy, scoliosis and impaired vision. She has been cared for by her grandparents her entire life. Ginny’s grandparents never experienced a full night’s sleep for 15 years, unless Ginny was in respite care. Now they are all managing to sleep well which is making a huge difference to their quality of life.

‘David’ has severe quadriplegia due to Cerebral Palsy and Heart Disease. David’s mother agreed to try the Dreama™ 24hr positioning system, going into this trial with an open mind and a ‘we’ll see’ attitude as past experiments had disappointed all of them. David’s therapist says “we were hoping that David’s night-time posture could be both corrective and comfortable and that David and his mum could get a good night’s sleep."

After using the Dreama™ 24hr positioning system for four weeks David is starting to show a considerable amount of change in many areas. “I’m totally amazed at the progress David has made” says his mum.

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