PME Group is a family business established in 2000 with a commitment to providing high quality products and services to enhance the physical comfort, mobility, and self-reliance of children with a disability. This commitment has never wavered over the years, in fact, we have become more determined to make a difference to the lives of children and carers, because we have seen the positive effect that quality mobility equipment can make.

Because our range is mostly prescriptive, we have an accomplished team of people who are skilled at customising and adapting products to suit individual needs and requirements. This attention to detail is a fundamental part of the service we provide because it can make a significant difference to the wellbeing of a child with special needs.

Our vision is to be Australia’s leading, trusted supplier of world class special needs equipment that improves quality of life for clients and carers. Our mission is to make it happen by providing technologically advanced equipment that empowers individual achievement and expands the full potential of children with special needs.

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PME Group are Australia’s market leaders in special needs equipment for children and young adults. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

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