Zippie Iris Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

Cutting edge Tilt-In-Space technology designed just for kids!

The Zippie IRIS is one of the lightest paediatric Tilt-In-Space wheelchairs around. It has patented technology that rotates the seat frame around the user’s centre of gravity, providing smooth and controlled tilting without compromising stability.

The IRIS has been a proven favourite with therapists and families for some years now. Recent upgrades to mechanisms and new features have kept it at the front of its class.



      Key Features

    • -5º to -60° intelligent Tilt-In-Space capability for effortless, controlled tilting.
    • Lightweight frame combined with shortened wheel base make it easier for caregivers to manoeuvre and transport.
    • Angle adjustable stroller handle with 260° of angle adjustability to enable comfortable pushing from a tilted position.
    • Foot Release Tilt Actuator for tilting without exposed cables.
    • Designed to adapt to a child’s growth with up to 10cm of depth adjustment and adjustable components to maintain proper positioning during development.
    • Frame available in 28 different designs and colours.
    • Adjustable centre of gravity.
    • Options

    • Reclining backrest
    • Dynamic backrest
    • Large variety of wheel & caster sizes
    • Large selection of leg and arm rest options
    • Compact, easy to operate push-button hub locks.
    • Drip/feed pole
    • Oxygen cylinder holder
    • Ventilator trays

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