Dreamline Wheelchair Backrests

Dreamline Backrests are lightweight, adjustable, easy to use & includes Dreamline’s signature “Bubble Contour’ technology for outstanding pressure management, stability, air-exchange & improved contouring flexibility. A Spinal relief channel increases protection to the spinal region.

The range includes:

  • DREAMLINE PRO BACKRESTS: Incorporate an ultra-light carbon fibre shell with the all new U2 compact attachment hardware enabling an exceptionally easy to use lightweight rigid backrest platform. A typical complete 18" x 7" backrest including all attachment hardware weighs only 1.3kg. The modular system enables laterals & the BAC System to be incorporated if required
  • DREAMLINE CONTOUR BACKREST: The Deep contour 1 piece shell suits a more active user providing comfortable approximately 7” deep torso support & stability encouraging a mid-line sitting position whilst the narrow shoulder portion enables free arm movement.
  • DREAMLINE SUPPORT BACKREST: This backrest offers full support for less active users & is designed to be used with external swing-away or fixed adjustable thoracic lateral supports. The BAC (Backrest Advanced Contours) Positioning System can be easily fitted to this backrest.
  • DREAMLINE SUPPORT BACKREST T-SHAPE MOD: Dreamline Support backrests are now available with the T-shape modification. This increases support to the users shoulders. This mod is also available for the BAC System to suit.

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    Key Features

    Pressure Care

    Dreamline backrests achieve excellent pressure management from many areas of the body. Unique to Dreamlilne is the “bubble contour” shaping which improves immersion, enables better flexibility and moulds to closely match the contours of the body. A central channel relieves pressure in the spinal region. Careful foam selection incorporates high resilience foam laminated to a high density, impact absorbing, pressure relieving overlay for maximum care. Strategically positioned ventilation holes in the foam & the backrest shell, together with 3D Mesh fabric covers provide excellent air exchange. Additional Polymer Gel inserts are available on request as a modification.

    Strong Attachment to Wheelchair Frame

    Introducing the all new U2 quick-release attachment system! The new U2 quick-release hardware is easily configured for both 2-point & 4-point attachment & fully WC20 crash tested to a user weight limit of 136kg when forward facing in a motor vehicle. The attachment hardware is even more compact / lightweight & doesn't take up much room on either the backrest or wheelchair frame. Three lock screws on each clamp ensure a strong grip to any tube diameter from ¾” – 1” without requiring spacers.

    Easy to Add Components

    A matrix of pre-drilled holes on the backrest shell enables easy positioning of harnesses, headrests & thoracic laterals etc. The holes also enhance the air-exchange through the back support.

    Vast Adjustability

    A variety of setup options including 17.8cm (7”) of depth, up to 60° angle, 10cm (4”) width & up to 25.4cm (10”) height adjustment. Attachment brackets are able to be offset & may be set asymmetrically on the wheelchair if required.

    New U2 Quick-Release Backrest Hardware

    The new Dreamline U2 quick-release backrest hardware is even more compact, lighter, more durable & easier to use than the original Drop 'n' Lock hardware. Simple one handed operation for fitting & removal of the backrest from the wheelchair frame.

    Original Drop-N-Lock Quick-Release

    The original well-proven Dreamline Drop-n-lock quick-release backrest hardware is robust & compact. The drop-n-lock function is a natural easy action to lock the backrest onto the wheelchair frame with a simple pull tab release.

    Modification Options

    • T-Shape modification
    • Extra Pressure relieving layer of Sunmate foam
    • Gel Insert in spinal region
    • Custom fabric selection

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