Dreamline is a moderate to high needs wheelchair seating system designed to be easier in every way. Whether it is fitting, adjusting, operating or maintaining the Dreamline Seating System, you can be assured of a high quality result and excellent comfort.

Dreamline has an superb range of unique contoured cushions and accessories; fully adjustable backrests and accessories including the innovative B.A.C, System which retro fits to Dreamline support backrests and quick-release seat pan and back. Fold-down hip guides/armrests, swing-away laterals and adjustable headrest are just a few of the features that make this system a truly advanced new option in wheelchair seating. Dreamline Wheelchair Seating and components have been independently tested and approved to WC20 and ISO standards.

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Dreamline Wheelchair Seating Solutions.

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PME Group are Australia’s market leaders in special needs equipment for children and young adults. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

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