Rifton E Pacer

Versatile and Powerful

The Rifton E-Pacer is an exciting new addition to the Pacer family and can be a life-changing solution for clients who have grown too large or too dependent to be safely transferred into manual gait trainers.

The E-Pacer sit-to-stand lift functionality removes a major barrier to gait training with large or highly dependent clients. It combines the powerful electric lift column and secure body support of Rifton's TRAM with the key gait training feature of the classic Pacer. It's strong and stable frame can accommodate clients up to 6'5" (165cm) and approx. 350 lbs (159 kg).



    • Zero-lift Transfers: The E-Pacer can perform the sit-to-stand transfer with no lifting on the part of the caregiver.
    • Extra Stability: The E-Pacer’s strong and rigid frame gives security for heavier or taller clients.
    • Effortless Lifting: The carefully engineered, telescoping lift column gives the E-Pacer an amazing range of adjustment.
    • Seat-to-Seat Transfers: With the aid of thigh straps, a client is able to move safely from a wheelchair to a mat table or other surface for therapy.
    • Leg Expander: Base legs can be widened for clients needing extra step width or to get up close to a wheelchair prior to a transfer.
    • Height Range: The 26" (66cm) adjustment range of the E-Pacer’s electric lift column provides great versatility for use with clients of different statures.
    • Body Support: The innovative body support secures the patient with a single buckle, allowing the caregiver to quickly prepare the client for safe gait training.
    • Infinite Control: The E-Pacer has the same innovative four-function casters as the rest of the Pacer family.
    • Options

    • Scale: To weigh clients during routine transfers. Bluetooth connectivity paired with Rifton’s new Gait Tracker app helps track a client’s progress.
    • Odometer: To record how far a client walks in feet or metres.
    • Front Handle: Adjustable for body support and allows a caregiver to manoeuvre and guide the E-Pacer.
    • Switch Pole: Lets a caregiver operate the electric lift without bending down. Also allows client control of the lift.
    • Arm Prompts: Include height, rotation, angle, lateral proximity and forward/backward adjustments to accommodate numerous positioning requirements.
    • Arm Platforms: An alternative for clients who need less positioning. Padded, adjustable and easy clean.
    • Hip Positioner: Designed to encourage good positioning for gait training. Enables natural pelvic movement and lower extremity weight shifting.
    • Pelvic Support: Used for sit-to-stand transfers and gait training. Available in 3 sizes.
    • Thigh Straps: For seated transfers. Available in wide and narrow.
    • Ankle Prompts: Can be adjusted to prevent scissoring. Moveable clips on the bar regulate stride length and placement.
    • Removable Back Belt: For settings where infection control is critical. Clips at both ends for easy removal and sanitation.
    • Accessories Tote: Big enough to keep all your E-Pacer accessories together.
    • Frame Colour: The E-Pacer frame comes in your choice of 5 colours: Red, Blue, Grey, Lime and Pink.

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