Horizon 3-in-1 Stander

Robust, durable 3-in-1 stander which can be positioned in prone, supine or upright.

Leckey is well known for ingenious design and quality construction, so it’s not surprising that Horizon is the market leader for 3-in-1 Standers. Horizon provides outstanding postural support and pelvic stability in either prone, supine or upright. The range of independently adjustable features and electronic function make it a breeze to operate with a full range from upright to fully horizontal position. The popularity of Size 1 and 2's innovative design features are now incorporated into the new Size 3.

The Horizon is ideal for complex conditions or adults who have not benefited from standing therapy for some time. It is highly adaptable with chest, hip, knee and footplate features that provide easy adjustability for proximal positioning. Supine standing provides an alternative posture for children who need maximum support to hold themselves upright against gravity. Prone standing is clinically recommended for stretching tight muscles and developing head control. The whole Horizon range continues to enable safe and easy transfer of users using either mobile or tracking hoists. Transfers into the Horizon Stander are made easier for carers because it can adjust to the fully horizontal position.

Suitable for children standing in a supine position from around age 4 through to adults of up to 100 kg.

Standard Configuration Includes frame and chassis, back pad and hip pad. Colour options available are Pink, Blue, Green or Grey.

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      Key Features

    • The Horizon de-rotation belt has been designed to give more proprioception and structure under the client’s posterior.
    • Angle indicator to record each client's individual requirements.
    • The adjustable chest support and flexible laterals provide trunk support whether prone, supine or upright.
    • The flat headrest cushion acts as a posterior prompt to keep the head balanced over the trunk.
    • With the ability to accommodate knees in various degrees of flexion, the knee supports ensure they are comfortable and stable whether prone or supine.
    • Where legs are unequal lengths due to muscle shortening or surgery, different foot heights and positions can be easily supported with our range of independently adjustable footplates.
    • The angle adjustment on the tray means that the person can use it to play, regardless of the angle of the standing frame
    • Options

    • Flip-away hip laterals (size 3 only)
    • Pelvic band for prone stander
    • Flexible hip laterals
    • Contoured headrest (one size fits all)
    • Flat headrest
    • Head lateral supports
    • Extended head rest brackets
    • Flexible Chest laterals
    • Flip away chest laterals
    • Knee supports
    • Sandals (various sizes)
    • Medium knee extension bracket
    • Basic footplates, Flip-up Footplates and 3D footplates
    • Grab post and grab rail
    • Prone and supine Tray
    • Padded tray insert
    • Wooden tray (supine)

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