E-Z-ON Transport Postural Harness System

The E-Z-On Vest helps maintain an upright position, or assists travel in a prone or supine position. It features adjustable straps and is secured with a rear zipper closure. It can be used in vehicles and on a wheelchair via a choice of mounting straps. The vest is able to be placed on the client before entering the vehicle and easily fits over clothing. Once transferred into the vehicle, the vest (at the shoulder hooks on the harness) can be clipped to the mounting straps in the vehicle. This vest may assist in positioning individuals who independently release seat belts during travel in the car.

Available in four sizes:
XXS: suitable for ages 2-5. Includes crotch strap
S: suitable for children. Includes crotch strap
M: suitable for youths. Includes crotch strap.
L: suitable for adults. Crotch strap optional.

Each size has a choice of three zipper positions (chose before ordering)Additional accessories available. The four sizes include extra small (blue), small (blue), medium (plum) and large (black).



      Key Features

    • Sewn-zipper panel offers 3 zipper sizes to adjust chest and waist straps. Perfect for growth spurts and bulky clothing. Made for children and adults 20-168lbs.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps pull easily to lengthen and shorten the vest for a secure fit. The hip strap must remain low around the lap.
    • Bar slides keep busy fingers from undoing shoulder straps. Shoulder straps back-thread and lock.
    • Loops are designed just for vehicle belt or wheelchair belt installation to secure the passenger. A lap/shoulder belt can be used with a locking clip to lock and thread the lap portion through vest belt loops.
    • E-Z-On Vests can be comfortably fitted before getting in the vehicle.
    • A choice of simple and secure mounting straps make attachments to the vest easy for family vehicles and wheelchairs. The vest comes standard with one mounting strap. To use in multiple vehicles additional mounting straps will need to be purchased.
    • The vest consists of webbing and is washable. Wash with mild soap and hang dry.
    • A choice of mounting straps are available

    • Tether strap mount, 2 shoulder hooks. Suits cars, vans or wagons with anchor points. Vest comes with seat belt loops.
    • Portable seat mount. Suits non-folding back bus seat. Needs an extra locking clip SV4012. To be used when seat backs are stationary. The mount wraps over the back of the seat.
    • Permanent floor mount. For cars without standard anchor point.
    • Wheelchair mount
    • Options

    • Accessories
    • Shoulder strap covers.
    • Crotch straps to keep the vest in a low position over the hips.
    • Zipper inserts to expand the vest size.
    • Wrist restraints.
    • Ankle restraints.
    • Locking clip.
    • Webbing cutter.
    • Buckle guard.
    • Clear restraint sleeve to cover the buckle.

    Important Note

    • Does not meet Australian Standards. Meets US Standard FMVSS213. It may be helpful to refer to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4370: 1996 Restraint of children with disabilities in motor vehicles to assist in deciding the safest way to transport a child with a disability.
    • As this item does not meet Australian Standard AS 1754 2000, a medical certificate is required from a certified medical practitioner, with a review and expiry date, to explain why the item is required and the length of time it's required. This certificate must be stored with the item at all times. For further information, contact Vic Roads on 13 11 71.
    • The E-Z-On Vest with tether strap and hook is designed to provide additional support for the user while sitting in a family vehicle. It is required to be used in conjunction with the existing vehicle seatbelt.
    • Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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