Neptune Chair

User friendly, lightweight seating system

The JCM ‘Neptune’ Chair has a unique modular design which means it can be tailored to a client’s changing needs or easily adapted for future use.

The ‘Neptune’ is intuitive to adjust, even with a child in the seat. It has an excellent height range adjustment which is suitable for infants through to juniors. ‘Neptune’ Chair is easy to set-up, adjust and reconfigure to suit a range of environments including nursery, school and home. It is available in two sizes to accommodate children from approximately 18 months to 10 years.

'Neptune' can be fitted on to a variety of bases.  Our friendly Product Consultants will be able to advise you and provide more information about suitable bases.





    • Bio-mechanical reclining back which hinges around the hip joint ensures the trunk supports remain in the optimum position.
    • Vast range of adjustment for growth.
    • Interface options for all environments.
    • Strong, adjustable one piece footplate that can be removed or flipped up for transfers.
    • Very robust, compact and lightweight (10kg) ensures effortless manoeuvrability and compact transportation.
    • Removable upholstery, easy to clean or replace.
    • Accessories

    • Adjustable Headrest: Depth and angle adjustable. Each wing adjusts independently allowing you to contour to the required position. Easy to remove.
    • Flexi or Lateral Supports: A range of different size trunk supports are available to suit individual needs and to flip away for a moderate needs child.
    • Hip Pads: Adjustable hip pads control the seat width and help maintain the pelvis in a midline position. Multiple sizes available.
    • Footplate and Leg Rest: A strong, adjustable one piece footplate can be removed or flipped up for standing transfers.
    • Pommel: Designed to abduct the legs, the pommel is optional and removable and also features depth and height adjustment.
    • Contoured Seat Cushion: A range of seat cushion options are available which include flat, ramped or contoured finish.
    • Footplate Pad: Removable footplate cushion is available for clients who need a soft foot support. For comfort & to assist with home environment
    • Ankle Huggers: Available in four sizes, the moulded sandals fit all JCM footplates. A range of ankle huggers are also available.
    • Tray: Available in perspex or grey plastic finish. Removable/Optional.


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