Dreama™ 24 hour Positioning System

Improved skeletal development and recuperative periods of rest are part of any 24 hour postural management program. So, it makes sense to have a positioning system that allows a child to experience better quality rest by reducing the unwanted action of postural reflexes and asymmetrical muscle tone.

Each lying posture or attitude - whether it is in prone, supine or side position - will affect a child's level of relaxation and potential for movement. Having a supported posture throughout the day and night is integral to a child with postural needs.

Rifton Tram

Three powerful functions in one device!

Choosing the right mobility device for gait training, sit-to-stand and seated transfers can be a bit daunting, but The Rifton TRAM makes it easy when you compare all the benefits.

Seahorse Plus Hygiene Chair

Effortless Bathing!

Some children with cerebral palsy and other physical impairments cannot sit up on their own. This can make even the simplest task of taking a bath somewhat challenging. Thankfully there is adaptive equipment such as bath chairs and shower chairs to enable those with physical challenges to bathe or shower.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Rifton does it again with the new Dynamic Pacer.

Gait training has come a long way since Rifton introduced their first model in the 1980s. The new Dynamic Pacer from Rifton offers an upper frame with fabulous new possibilities: Vertical movement for dynamic weight bearing and lateral movement for dynamic weight shifting.

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